LifeSavers Training  and LifeSavers Security Servicescertification cards are widely accepted. If you are not satisfied with the content that we have available within our courses, it is your responsibility to stop using our  company. We cannot refund you for a course that you have already completed. Once you have taken the course and a card is printed, we will not offer any refunds. We will provide a exchange of card if name is incorrectly printed on issued card within 30 days of course. Cards are printed from the roster filled out by students at the class.

Reservation fees of $25.00 is not refundable if student does not show or cancel class. Course can be taken at another date upon instructor availability.

To request an exchange, you will need to contact LifeSavers Training and LifeSavers Security Services at 1(888) 961-3999  within 30 days  of course. Once the student enrolls into the course he/she will have full access to the course materials and will be able to determine if it fulfills his/her requirements before payment.